Environment protection

The protection of our environment is very important for us. For our own office building we use geothermal energy and we take electric energy from wind and water craft. For the packing of our articles we attach importance to using reusable cardboard boxes and fill material.

Disposal of old batteries

In conjunction with selling batteries, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers as well as selling devices which contain batteries, we as retailers are comitted to refer to the following according to the battery law (BattG):
Batteries must not be disposed into household waste. As end consumer you are legally obligated to return used batteries. Please dispose used batteries at municipal collecting points or dispense them to local stores free of charge. Batteries which you received from us can be returned to us personally free of charge or sent back to us by mail:
ScanDig GmbH
Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 15b
82008 Unterhaching
Batteries which contain harmful substances are marked with the sign of a crossed out garbage can (similar to the adjoining illustration). The harmful substances are named near the symbol, e.g. Pb for lead, Hg for mercury or Cd for cadmium. Products, which are labelled with this sign, must not be disposed in a garbage can.

Disposal of electric and electronic devices

Electric and electronic devices of any kind must not be disposed in the household garbage. This also concerns lamps. Old devices are taken back without charge by cities and communities at places of collection or picked up.