About us

We are the company ScanDig GmbH from Munich - Unterhaching. We are specialised in digitising slides and negatives of all kind (35mm, APS, medium format, large format) since 2000, when digital photography still was in its infancy and there only was a fistful simple filmscanners on the market.
Within our scan service we provide digitalisation of slides and negatives. Thus digitising film material is our regular occupation. Since 2000 we gained a lot of experience with handling all kinds of scanners and film material. You can read about a bigger part of these experiences in our film scanner page.
Shopping at ScanDig means advice and support included. We do not offer everything from wide screen TVs to mobile phones to digital cameras which deals with electronics. We offer a well-assortet choice of products around film digitalisation, colour management and slide photography. Here we know the ropes because we work with it ourselves every day. Please feel free to contact us before your purchase - you'll get professional advice in advance for free. We're there for you even after your purchase: please contact us if you've got any problems and need support. We also operate the film scanner forum where numerous experts share their knowledge and problems with scanning can be discussed and solved.
We are not a run-of-the-mill internet dealer which only sends packets - you can come to us after making an appointment and get professional advice in our shop. Our business hours and a driving map can be found here.