General Terms & Conditions

Here you find the terms and conditions which are applicable for orders in our online-shop.
The following "Terms and Conditions" have been drawn up in the German language. This English translation is provided only for purposes of understanding. Should the content of the English version be different, the German version shall take precedence.

General terms and conditions of trade

The following terms and conditions hold for orders of wares in the ScanDig internet-shop.

§ 1 Conclusion of the contract

1. All offers of the company ScanDig are subject to change. A sales contract is concluded if ScanDig accepts your order eiher by supplying the goods, or by sending a confirmation of the order in text form, or by requesting the payment.

2. After executing an order transaction you will automatically receive a notice of receipt of your order from our shop system by e-mail. This notice of receipt contains both the order data and our Terms & Conditions. Please, save this notice of receipt carefully. Whilst you can retrieve our terms & conditions anytime on our site, the order data cannot be retrieved after the order. The contract text will not be saved by us. Please contact us, if you do not receive this notice of receipt of the order.

3. The contract language for orders in the ScanDig internet shop is English or German.

§ 2 Prices and Terms of payment

1. List prices at the time of the order apply. These are also recorded in the automatically generated notice of receipt of the order.

2. All indicated prices include the legal VAT. Additionally overall transportation expenses occur, which are likewise recorded in the notice of receipt of the order, details on our site shipping costs. The VAT is specified on the invoice except for articles, for which according to §25a UStG the differencial taxation applies.

3. Dispatch of the ordered goods takes place not before complete payment of the invoiced amount or - only in case of supply within the Federal Republic of Germany - by cash on delivery (cash payment to the deliverer). In both cases a detailed invoice is included in the delivery. In case of personal pickup of the wares the payment must take place either by cash, by EC card or by prepayment within one week. In case of prepayment orders the invoiced amount has to be credited to our bank account within one week.

4. We supply public authorities, schools, universities and hospitals on account within Germany after having received an official order by fax or letter.

5. We supply tax free to Switzerland and - by presenting a valid VAT ID - to the European Union. A subsequent refunding of the added VAT, e.g. by personal export from Germany, is not possible.

6. The wares are property of ScanDig GmbH until the purchase price is completely payed.

§ 3 Delivery period

The delivery period is indicated directly at the product description. The delivery period starts in case of order "cash on delivery" from receipt of the customers order, in case of order "prepayment" from receipt of the customers payment. If the delivery period is given in days, working days (Monday - Friday) are meant.

4 Right of withdrawal for distance selling contracts for the delivery of wares

If you are a consumer, i.e. a natural person, who makes a legal transaction for a purpose, which does neither concern its commercial nor its free-lance activity, the following holds:

Right of withdrawal instructions for the delivery of wares

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw this contract within fourteen days without giving any reasons.

The right of withdrawal period is fourteen days starting at the day, at which you or a third person authorized by you which is not the carrier, has accepted the last ware.

In order to apply your right of withdrawal you have to inform us (ScanDig GmbH, Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 15b, 82008 Unterhaching, Fax: (089) 66550677, e-mail:, Tel: (089) 66550676) about your decision to revoke this contract with a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, a fax or an e-mail). Therefore you can use the enclosed sample right of withdrawal form, which, however, is not prescribed. In order to keep the right of withdrawal deadline it is sufficient that you send the message about applying the right of withdrawal before the end of the right of withdrawal deadline.

Consequences of withdrawal

If you withdraw this contract, we have to refund you all payments received by you, including the delivery costs (except additional costs which arise when you have chosen a different delivery method than the cheapest offered standard delivery method), immediately and not later than fourteen days after the day at which we have received your message about the withdrawal of the contract. For this back payment we use the same payment instrument you have used for the original transaction, except we have explicitly agreed something different with you; in no case for this back payment any fees will by charged to you. We have the right to refuse the back payment until we have received the wares or you have brought the proof that you have sent back the wares, depending on which is the earlier moment.

You have to send back or hand over the wares immediately and in any case not later than fourteen days after the day, at which you inform us about the withdrawal of the contract. The deadline is kept if you send the wares before the end of the fourteen days period. You bear the immediate costs for the return shipment of the wares. These costs are 50,00 Euro for wares which cannot be sent back normally by post due to their constitution.

You have to come up for a possible loss in value of the wares only if this loss in value can be traced back to a handling which is not necessary for the examination of the constitution, properties and functionalty of the wares.

End of the right of withdrawal instructions for the delivery of wares


Exceptions from the right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal for distance selling contracts for the delivery of wares, which are not prefabricated and for their production an individual selection or designation of the consumer is relevant or which are explicitly tailored to the personal demands of the consumer.

There is no right of withdrawal for distance selling contracts for the delivery of computer software, if the software has been unsealed, registered or activated after the delivery. This also holds for software which is delivered in a bundle with hardware.

A sample right of withdrawal form you can find here.

§ 5 International deliverys

1. If you make a payment from a non-EU-country (e.g. Switzerland, Liechtenstein) make sure, that the total amount of the invoice is booked to our account without deductions.

2. If you send back wares from a non-EU-country (e.g. Switzerland, Liechtenstein), due to the customs handling it is necessary that you inform us about the return shipment in advance.

§ 6 Warranty, Repairs

1. The legal law of liability for defects applies if not explicitly something else is agreed.

Restrictions for businessmen: For the constitution of the wares only our own statements as well as the product description of the manufacturer, which are included in the contract, apply; we do not assume liability for public comments of the manufacturer or other publicity statements. For businessmen the limitation period for claims of defects for new wares is one year after changeover of the risk. The sale of used items is done without any warranty. The legal limitation periods for regress claims according to § 445a BGB are not affected. The risk of an accidential lost or deterioration is transferred to you as soon as we have delivered the ware to the express agent or to any person which is entitled for the shipment process.

Rules for merchants: For merchants the examination and reproval duty holds according to § 377 HGB. If you do without the annunciation, which is regulated there, then the ware is considered as approved, execpt for the case that there is an error, which was not recognizable at the examination. This does not hold for an error we have maliciously concealed.

Note for consumers: We want to inform you that the limitation period concerning your warranty rights for used wares can be reduced to one year, if we inform you about that explicitly and if it is separately agreed.

2. Minor faults in the goods or insignificant variation of specification or minor deviation from description (i.e. color, dimensions, weight) or other attributes or performance features do not state warranty claims for the customer. For merchants the legal rules, examination rules and reproval rules according to the HGB hold.

3. Defects and damages resulting from the fact that the customer did not adhere to the prescribed installation guide and operating conditions are excluded from the warranty.

4. Intrusion or repairs of equipment, carried out by the customer or non authorized technical personnel, results in forfeiture of warranty claims.

5. Defects of quality can be remedied on the customer's choice either by removal of defects or by replacement. If removal of defects or replacement leads to unreasonable or disproportionate costs, the claim of the buyer is restricted to the remaining way of supplementary performance. The customer's right of cancellation of the contract or reduction of the purchase price remains unaffected, if supplementary performance failed twice.

6. In case of defects of quality the buyer has the choice to remit the equipment to the company ScanDig or directly to the manufacturer. If the customer remittes defective equipment to Scandig, we forward it to the manufacturer; in this case the duration of repair will extend substantially. It is neccessary, that the buyer encloses a copy of the invoice and a detailed error description.

§ 7 Liability

1. ScanDig company is liable according to the legal directives in case of severe negligence or intention, or when guaranteed features are missing, or for claims accoding to the product liability act. For damages concerning the violation of life, corps or health, which are based on a intentional or negligent violation of duty from ScanDig or a legal substitute or servant, ScanDig is liable according to the legal directives.

2. In case of easy negligence the liability is excluded, if neither an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) is violated, nor life, corps or health is violated, or in the case of unenforceability or delay.

3. If an essential contractual obligation is violated or in case of unenforceability or delay, in case of simple negligence the liability for damages which are not based on a violation of life, corps or health is limited on such typical damages, which could be foreseen at the contract conclusion or according to the usual contract procedure.

4. The agreed liability restrictions according to paragraph 2 and 3 also hold in the case of the initial disability of ScanDig or its subcontractor/distributor, where in this case the liability is restricted to the contractually payable amount. The preceding liability restriction according to paragraph 2 and 3 also hold for employees and other associates of ScanDig and for subcontractors/distributors of ScanDig.


§ 8 Jurisdiction / Choice of applicable law

For any dispute relating to the validity, performance, construction or interpretation of these terms and conditions or any dispute arising out of or in connection to the contractual relation between the buyer and the company ScanDig, exclusive jurisdiction shall vest with the Munich courts, if the customer is a merchant or a corporation or a special property under public law.

§ 9 Privacy

1. You can visit our website without stating personal data. We record basic access data without personal references such as the website wherefrom you are visiting us or the name of a requested file. We process this data exclusively to improve our online store and it can not be used to determine your identity.
2. Elicitation, processing and application of personal data: Personal data will be collected only if you willingly convey it to us in the context of your order or by contacting us. Without separate agreement, we employ your personal data exclusively for processing and completing your order respectively handling your inquiry. After expiration of the retention period defined in tax law and business law your data will be deleted.
3. Disclosing personal data: Personal data will be disclosed to the shipment company tasked with the delivery of your order insofar as it is required for shipping the ordered items. For handling of payments we disclose your bank account details to the bank tasked with the payment or the payment service provider. Partly the selected payment service providers collect personal data if you open an account there. In this case you have to sign in with your access data at the payment service provider during the order process. In this case the data privacy statement of the payment service provider holds. In the case of redirection of claimed goods to the presupplier or producer as part of a warranty or repair case, the customer agrees to have his personal data passed on to the presupplier or producer.
4. Use of personal data in case of newsletter subscription: If you subsribe to our newsletter, we will use the necessary data to regularly send you our e-mail newsletter accordingly to your consent. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, either by sending us a message or via the designated link within the newsletter.
5. Our website uses cookies: one for the session, one for the shopping cart, one for the order process and, as the circumstances require, eventually one to remember that you have agreed to the usage of cookies. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your terminal device. They allow you to make personal settings on the website or save data temporarily. The use of our website is also possible without the use of cookies, however, not all functions will be available. By default, most browsers are preset to accept cookies automatically. However, you can deactivate the storage of cookies or set up your browser to notify you when a cookie is sent.
6. Right of information and contact us: According to the federal data protection act you have the right of access to the recorded personal data and if applicable the right of rectification, disabling or deletion of your personal data. Concerning questions about elicitation, processing, and usage of your personal data, as well as for information requests, rectification, disabling or deletion of your personal data, and in cases of revocation of previously granted consent or in case of revocation of a specific data use, please contact us using the contact data given within the Imprint.

§10 Online dispute resolution

The European Commision offers a platform for online dispute resolution, which you can find under We are neither bound nor willing to participate in an online dispute resolution procedure at a consumer dispute resolution body.

§ 11 General Provisions

These terms & conditions have been drawn up in the German language. The English translation will be provided only for purposes of understanding. Should the content of the English version be different, the German version shall take precedence.